Skeptical Me



A little help available? , For a wimp like me?

I’m the prospect of abuse, And I choose to be.

Emotional and physical assaults, I quietly victimize,

To preserve the image of an “Honorable me”.

(By: Anne Baluch)




I am clueless whether  or not to question such a chosen life for oneself or turn a deaf ear, be selfish and say it’s none of my business (for a loved one). I heave a sigh… then think…then suggest, but none of that helps preventing any extensions to a friend’s agony of her unsuccessful marriage life. Reason is obvious and the reason reminds me of the quote from an old movie Field of Dreams which is: “If you build it, he will come.” I have no idea why?

The reason is providing them with a second chance after every second chances. A chance to welcome them for abusing more. The school of thought that represents “You need to adjust with life or sacrifice once you’re a parent” is acceptable but is a theory that don’t really apply in each case. Even being children doesn’t really provide us with a certificate of controlling our parents individual space or judge them, So you can stop thinking your son/daughter is going to blame you in a near future. Physical abuse for once can be considered a mistake but twice and repeatedly….?

4 thoughts on “Skeptical Me

  1. “Physical abuse for once can be considered a mistake but twice and repeatedly” No! It can not be considered a ‘mistake’. It’s a crime. Period! In any civilised society (the ones reeling under the Sharia Law aren’t included in that definition, although those do have millions of very civilised and decent folks just like any where else) it’s a crime. And crime nets punishment not excuse.

    So, physical abuse at the first instance – by anyone – must be reported. Not reproting it in itself is ‘encouraging crime’ in a few European countries that in itself is a misdemeanor.

    Laws and legalities apart; a person who is capable abuse once will always be cabable of abuse again. Abuse is never a mistake. It’s part of a persons nature. They will never show aggression only to those that are stronger than themselves. Deep down they are nothign more than cowards who prey on the weak.

    There’s only one place in society for them; jail cells.

    • Anne Baluch says:

      “They will never show aggression only to those that are stronger than themselves.” … So well said. Shariah Laws are the first on earth who provided women their rights.

      Criminals like these have no religion, no faith, understands no civilization. Thanks for showing concern 🙂

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