So Familiar

This watchful dark night

Have driven me sleepless

That familiar looking person

Have driven me sleepless


A moment I pass a giggle

A moment I sit and grieve

Memories followed by the past

Have Driven me sleepless

Poetry’s ain’t a jest

But a blessing from above

Satire and resents of people

Have driven me sleepless

This watchful dark night

Have driven me sleepless

(Anne Baluch)


Set It Right

Popping her head out of window door
Pretty curls in her hair dancing high and low
This car is too slow
This wind is too fine
She gotta take a stand and …….”SET IT RIGHT”

She’d be shutting her jaw, better stop her gaze
This reputed world never cease to amaze
Their eyes on her race
Studying her face
She better fake a smile and ……. “SET IT RIGHT”

Scattered dust that follows every shaft of light
That seldom is our journey in this land magnified
So why keep a grudge?
Resent or disgrace
She’s thinking all this long & she …… “SET IT RIGHT”

By: Anne Baluch

Time To Rain

Oh Dear sky, Let it rain today,
Coz I’ve stretched my arms
To let you drain today
For I know, that you have a lot to say
I stay beneath, just to accompany
intoxicated you, have lost your way today
To hold my hands, you need to come down
Coz it’s been enough of you stalking around.
I know ur huge, and have a lot say
Thats why am here,
To let you drain today.
For I know well, how’s it alone to stay.
(Oh Dear sky, C’mon !!! lets rain today)
By: Anne Baluch

The childhood of ‘Shey Mureed O Hani’

The great Baluchi folklore where Hani’ a daughter of the Rind noble Mir Mandaw and Sheh Mureed was the son of Sheh Mubarak, the chief of the Kahiri tribe. I thought of making a piece different than others. Why not bringing ahead the childhood of both lovers. 🙂 And to be really honest, This piece was created when i had no electricity and was sitting idle. And I really relished the fun of creating this piece ❤  🙂


The story is further well penned by Mureed Bezinjo—>