The childhood of ‘Shey Mureed O Hani’

The great Baluchi folklore where Hani’ a daughter of the Rind noble Mir Mandaw and Sheh Mureed was the son of Sheh Mubarak, the chief of the Kahiri tribe. I thought of making a piece different than others. Why not bringing ahead the childhood of both lovers. 🙂 And to be really honest, This piece was created when i had no electricity and was sitting idle. And I really relished the fun of creating this piece ❤  🙂


The story is further well penned by Mureed Bezinjo—>


Baluchi ‘Saalunk’ (Bridegroom) for Culture Day

On the March of 2nd the Balochs celebrate their cultural day. Shedding light over their traditions and values, Will be posting the reviews soon, Meanwhile just uploading the picture that I edited.  The doll was dressed by my cousin Hassama for ART exhibition where she presented ‘Hani & Mureed’. Well I was too late to take Hani’s pictures coz she reached at school till then. But not letting go the ‘Mureed’.