Time To Rain

Oh Dear sky, Let it rain today,
Coz I’ve stretched my arms
To let you drain today
For I know, that you have a lot to say
I stay beneath, just to accompany
intoxicated you, have lost your way today
To hold my hands, you need to come down
Coz it’s been enough of you stalking around.
I know ur huge, and have a lot say
Thats why am here,
To let you drain today.
For I know well, how’s it alone to stay.
(Oh Dear sky, C’mon !!! lets rain today)
By: Anne Baluch

The childhood of ‘Shey Mureed O Hani’

The great Baluchi folklore where Hani’ a daughter of the Rind noble Mir Mandaw and Sheh Mureed was the son of Sheh Mubarak, the chief of the Kahiri tribe. I thought of making a piece different than others. Why not bringing ahead the childhood of both lovers. 🙂 And to be really honest, This piece was created when i had no electricity and was sitting idle. And I really relished the fun of creating this piece ❤  🙂


The story is further well penned by Mureed Bezinjo—> http://mureedbizenjo.com/archives/47


My Baluch Girl

ImageWe do need time to listen to the silent waves of emotions within ourselves. No! this picture is not a fantasy, it is just you who think of it an illusion. Not that I just wana fancy maself on a horseback, but this time! I wana ride my own Horse. In love with these beautiful creatures ❤