Skeptical Me



A little help available? , For a wimp like me?

I’m the prospect of abuse, And I choose to be.

Emotional and physical assaults, I quietly victimize,

To preserve the image of an “Honorable me”.

(By: Anne Baluch)




I am clueless whether  or not to question such a chosen life for oneself or turn a deaf ear, be selfish and say it’s none of my business (for a loved one). I heave a sigh… then think…then suggest, but none of that helps preventing any extensions to a friend’s agony of her unsuccessful marriage life. Reason is obvious and the reason reminds me of the quote from an old movie Field of Dreams which is: “If you build it, he will come.” I have no idea why?

The reason is providing them with a second chance after every second chances. A chance to welcome them for abusing more. The school of thought that represents “You need to adjust with life or sacrifice once you’re a parent” is acceptable but is a theory that don’t really apply in each case. Even being children doesn’t really provide us with a certificate of controlling our parents individual space or judge them, So you can stop thinking your son/daughter is going to blame you in a near future. Physical abuse for once can be considered a mistake but twice and repeatedly….?