While reading “Rumi’s Daughter”.

I never realized how important it is to write, how it brings life to something or someone long forgotten or dead, until I read:

This time Aishel, too, bent over the strange signs Ahmed was drawing on the ground. So that what writing did! It allowed someone to talk to you, even after he had died! She looked at her sister who was now repeating the sound of each letter after Ahmed, her usual irritation at Kimya (her sister) turning into sadness.

She always thought that talking sense to Kimya was like facing a wall but this impression towards her sister was now coming to end. Her younger sister was born to be different, learning to read and write was huge in her.

Having learnt to write is truely a blessing I realize now. How the Holy books of all religions are continously guiding us to the right path and how different the ways can be to talk to your Creator. As Rumi says: Everyone loves the Creator, and it’s true that our way is not the only way to talk to Him (The Almighty).

One of the other highlights from the book:

Do you know the story about the Moth in love with the Flame?

A beautiful description how deep can love grow, like an endless ocean without shores. One simply need to learn to bear with it. Because in the end the moth, the flame and the wind will all be one. Consumed!

Well I regret now not to have read The Fourty Rules of Love before reading Rumi’s Daughter. Will definitely be my next read after finishing this, So wish me.