Time To Rain

Oh Dear sky, Let it rain today,
Coz I’ve stretched my arms
To let you drain today
For I know, that you have a lot to say
I stay beneath, just to accompany
intoxicated you, have lost your way today
To hold my hands, you need to come down
Coz it’s been enough of you stalking around.
I know ur huge, and have a lot say
Thats why am here,
To let you drain today.
For I know well, how’s it alone to stay.
(Oh Dear sky, C’mon !!! lets rain today)
By: Anne Baluch

SAUCEPOT (Women’s World)

Dedicated to all ladies 😉
It’s time for the ladies to take up the stand
If you wanna a man, fall hard again
Lemon & yogurt & ginger garlic paste
Grill it up with love on a hot grill pan
Simmer a bit jealousy until just tender
 Spice up with onions for him to surrender
Tandoori Masala is not what you need
Cooked boneless chicken with tomatoes underneath
Frying pan alas will have the magic done
Will deep fry the anger, until golden
Some cabbage & carrots then garnish alight
And see the emotions thinly sliced
Toasting the buns with a little bit butter
Will make him drool & dance a better
Try not forgetting a chutney along
So that you reside in his heart for long.
By:  Anne Baluch