Fair Unfair



How unfair

Are worldly traits


The one you fed with honey

Will hate you less concerned

The one you crushed in pieces

Will love you in return


Leaving their marks

And trace.

How unfair

Are worldly traits.


(Anne Baluch)


Set It Right

Popping her head out of window door
Pretty curls in her hair dancing high and low
This car is too slow
This wind is too fine
She gotta take a stand and …….”SET IT RIGHT”

She’d be shutting her jaw, better stop her gaze
This reputed world never cease to amaze
Their eyes on her race
Studying her face
She better fake a smile and ……. “SET IT RIGHT”

Scattered dust that follows every shaft of light
That seldom is our journey in this land magnified
So why keep a grudge?
Resent or disgrace
She’s thinking all this long & she …… “SET IT RIGHT”

By: Anne Baluch

A Random Evening


Having a coffee in downtown street

Exchanging smiles and a hundred greets

Fellow diva play the music high

Let the volume keep touching the sky

The start of li’l hoots and a li’l shakes

A clap a tapping shoe or whatever it takes

Kids peeping in from the window side

Watch the old man dance, they staring wide

Leaving the bill on the messy tray

Wishing life could always stay this way

 (By: Anne Baluch)

Time To Rain

Oh Dear sky, Let it rain today,
Coz I’ve stretched my arms
To let you drain today
For I know, that you have a lot to say
I stay beneath, just to accompany
intoxicated you, have lost your way today
To hold my hands, you need to come down
Coz it’s been enough of you stalking around.
I know ur huge, and have a lot say
Thats why am here,
To let you drain today.
For I know well, how’s it alone to stay.
(Oh Dear sky, C’mon !!! lets rain today)
By: Anne Baluch